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The new Adobe Reader compatible PDF form is easy to fill out on your computer and can be saved.  The ability to save the form in a partially complete or fully completed state is a major advantage to a form which may require days to fill out. 

Obtaining the form:  -- The computer fillable PDF form can be downloaded from this website by clicking
this link >>>>>>>>>

Application Form

After the form downloads and appears on your screen, you should immediately save the form in some convenient place in your computer's filing system.  To do this, with the form visible, click on File, then Save A Copy.  In the popup pane which appears, select the file folder where you wish to save the form.  Then in the File name box, type a new name for the file such as Membership Application.  Then click Save.  At this point, you have captured the form, it is now on your machine, and you will never have to download it again.

Using the form:  --  Now that you have saved the blank form, you can repeatedly use it much like a template.  To do this, locate the form in the file folder where you saved "Membership Application" and double click on the file name.  After a few seconds, the application form will become visible on your screen.  Scroll down to the second page where the actual long form application begins. Now you are ready to start filling in the form. 

In the upper right hand area of the form in a color band, you should see the words, Highlight Fields.  Click on the words or the icon and notice what happens. The areas of the form where you will insert text are highlighted with color. Click the icon again and the highlights are turned off.  Now turn the highlights back "ON".   Hit the Tab key, the highlight on the State line will disappear and the blinking text insertion point will appear.  Type your State.  After typing the last letter in your state's name such as n, hit the Tab key and you will advance to the next fill-in space and so on . . .!  If you should need to back up to a prior fill-in blank, simple hold down Shift when you hit Tab (or click the space with your mouse cursor).

Finishing the Job:  -- Now that you have either partially or fully completed the form, it is time to save your work.  Go to File, then Save a Copy.  In the pane, type in a file name, perhaps the applicant's name would be a good file name or maybe, the name of the Revolutionary ancestor.  In any case now you should have two application forms on your machine - the blank application and the one you just saved which has data inserted.

If you have explored the application form, you will have noticed that it is comprised of two forms, the long form and the short form.  So when it comes time to print, you will have to select which pages to print unless you don't mind wasting paper.  To print the entire long form, print pages 2, 3, 4, and 5.  To print the short form, print pages 7 and 8.  Remember to use legal size, acid free, 25% cotton content paper. This is available at most office supply stores or from the DAR Store. If you have a laser printer, use it in preference to an inkjet printer.  In any case, use the highest resolution printing available. Be sure to set your printer to legal size paper 8.5 X 14.

See printing instructions here >> PRINT







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